Dataminded donates laptops to families without computers in Leuven!


A couple of days ago, the Leuven Helpt platform asked to donate ICT material to less fortunate people in order to stay in contact with family members suffering from the corona virus, or to help children complete their school tasks. Leuven MindGate member Dataminded saw the call and went into action.

It was Kris Peeters, founder and CEO at Dataminded, who announced the news on LinkedIn: "Today Data Minded purchased and donated 10 laptops to Leuven Helpt, who will distribute them to families without computers. Even in normal times, having access to a computer is important for learning and development. I remember when I got my first computer, an old 286, a world opened up for me. It was a 'virus' that never relented and allowed me to discover what I was really passionate about. Even more in times like this, a computer can mean the difference between completing your school year or becoming disconnected."

Kris added: "Thanks to Stad Leuven and Leuven MindGate for the call to action. It would be great when others could to the same!"

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