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Wanted: mouth masks and ICT equipment

31 March 2020

Leuven urgently needs more mouth masks for our caretakers, hospitals and triage posts. They also want ICT equipment to make sure that patients can stay in touch with their loved ones.

Stad Leuven

Wanted: mouth masks

  • Primarily type FFP2 en FFP3 (with or without valve)
  • Surgical masks
  • Facemasks in plexiglas

Do you have any? Please bring them to us.

When and where?

How to make mouth masks yourself?

Do you want to make mouth masks yourself? The city has started a cooperation with MAAKbar. Mail the following information to info@maakbar.org: first name, last name, address (for delivery of materials) and whether you have a sewing machine.

Wanted: ICT equipment


Children and young people are today learning at home and online, but not every child has access to the right equipment. Patients in isolation do not have the necessary ICT equipment available to be able to communicate with the home front. We are looking for companies and people who can donate ICT equipment to children, people in a vulnerable situation and patients in hospital. We will deliver the laptops and tablets to schools in Leuven to distribute to their students and to Leuven hospitals. We are looking for approximately 100 laptops for Leuven’s schools and approximately 200 tablets and 10 smartphones for the Heilig Hart regional hospital and the Gasthuisberg campus at UZ Leuven.

Which ICT equipment is eligible?

  • Laptops up to 5 years old with the necessary charging cables.
  • Tablets and smartphones up to 4 years old with the necessary charging cables.
  • Although used, the equipment still works.
  • All private data have been deleted from the ICT equipment.
  • Because the disinfection protocols that apply can damage the devices, it is not possible to return the equipment. The equipment is therefore a donation and will not be returned.

How can you donate ICT equipment?

Go to the website https://www.impactdays.be/leuvenhelpt/1611/ and fill out the form.

The Heilig Hart Regional Hospital is also looking for...

  • Recent tablets/iPads
  • Which run on iOS 11 or Android 5
  • This way, they help their patients stay in touch with their family
  • Contact the hospital directly: informatica@hhleuven.be or (tel) 016/20 95 56.

(picture: Heilig Hart Regional Hospital)

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