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About Leuven MindGate

In short

Leuven MindGate is a members organization that highlights the leading international role of the Leuven Innovation Region in the fields of health, high tech and creativity.

We attract investors, talent and companies to the region by communicating about the strengths of the region.

At the same time, we want to strengthen the local ecosystem itself by organizing network events and setting up collaboration initiatives.

We welcome all organizations who support our mission and goals to join our network. In 2023, the Leuven MindGate community includes almost 400 member organizations who support our mission and goals.

Our mission

The mission of Leuven MindGate is twofold:

  1. Leuven MindGate wants to strengthen the international position of the Leuven Innovation Region as a region with a high quality of life and a leading position in the fields of health, high tech and creativity.

  2. Leuven MindGate is an organization that facilitates and promotes interaction and networking among the partners in these sectors with a view to economic prosperity and social cohesion in the Leuven region.

Our goals

  • To realise economic growth and innovation through cross-pollination in Health, High Tech and Creativity
    Annually, the Leuven Innovation Region wants to realize significantly 1% more economic growth than the average in Flanders.

  • To enhance trust and collaboration between all stakeholders in the region
    We want to remain one of the leading network organizations in Belgium, facilitating collaboration in the Leuven Innovation Region.

  • To position the Leuven Innovation Region as a great place to work, live, study and invest
    The Leuven Innovation Region focuses on increasing the number of scale-ups in the coming years. We want to evolve to at least 120 scale-ups.

  • To attract and retain international talent
    Together with our stakeholders, we keep investing in spreading the word about the region and through the International House, we give expats the right tools to settle in the region.

  • To attract international companies and investors
    By 2030, the Leuven Innovation Region wants to attract 15 to 20 research-oriented international companies and also some large international companies in the pharma/bio/manufacturing industry, on top of the world players who are already located in the region.

Do you want to join us?

  • You are a Leuven-based company, looking to broaden your view and perspectives on doing business. We aim at companies who are working in health, high tech or creativity. Companies who have a strong affinity with these sectors are also welcome.

  • And/or... you are a Leuven-minded company, willing to interact with the community of knowledge institutions, companies and government in the Leuven Innovation Region.

    Organizations can choose between three memberships and will enjoy numerous benefits.

What's in it for your organization?

  • You join a network of almost 400 organizations. The close interactions and fruitful relations within the Leuven MindGate network form the base of the vibrant ecosystem which is the Leuven Innovation Region

  • You join an international communication network that elevates the visibility of the Leuven Innovation Region. We reach more than 120,000 professionals through our various communication channels.

  • Members join Leuven MindGate events for free or enjoy a discount.

  • All employees in your organization enjoy the member benefits.

Initiatives powered by Leuven MindGate

Leuven Value Network

Leuven Value Network hosts innovative networking activities where you can learn and connect with interesting individuals in a relaxed and inspiring environment. It is a non-profit organisation run by a team of senior students and young professionals, and is powered by Leuven MindGate.

International House Leuven

International House Leuven is the information, knowledge and service center for internationals and their families, and for organizations in the Leuven region employing international talent. It was co-founded by the city of Leuven and Leuven MindGate and is supported by imec and KU Leuven.

Discover more about the Leuven MindGate organization

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Our network events

Leuven MindGate and its partners frequently organize events to actively strengthen the regional network. Join us!

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Lmg hands team

Meet the Leuven MindGate Team

A vibrant team of 6 professionals form the Leuven MindGate Team, each having their own expertise and responsibilities.

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Meet the Leuven MindGate Board Members

The Leuven MindGate Board of Directors oversees the overall direction and strategy of the organization.

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Our Premium Gold members

The flag bearers of the Leuven Innovation Region. Our Premium Gold Members support us in the best possible way, and are indispensable to the daily operations of Leuven MindGate.

How can we help?

The Leuven MindGate team is at your disposal for any questions about the Leuven Innovation Region. Do you want to invest, work or study in the region? We can help you find your way.

We also facilitate collaboration and innovation between companies, knowledge institutes and government within the Leuven Innovation Region, and we are happy to guide any of these stakeholders towards innovation.