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Leuven & Beyond

What starts in the Leuven Innovation Region, usually goes far beyond.

That's why we developed the 'Leuven & Beyond' campaign, which gives the Leuven Innovation Region even greater international resonance. It consists of a complete marketing toolbox that you can use freely in presentations, videos and more.

We are... inspiringly excellent

In the Leuven Innovation Region, innovation is fuelled by a drive to go above and beyond. Hard-quality work, a passion for progress, and the pursuit of excellence inspire groundbreaking solutions that improve daily life.

That's why, in 2020, a European Commission jury unanimously chose Leuven as European Innovation Capital. The EU praised the way in which residents, companies, organizations and knowledge institutions are committed to help shape the future in an excellent way.

We are... ambitiously collaborative

The Leuven Innovation Region is a place for smart minds, creative hearts, and purpose-driven souls who believe that collaboration is key to all great achievements. We’re known for the Leuven Model that’s characterized by its open and inclusive outlook, allowing for smooth and productive collaborations between government, businesses, education and our many diverse citizens.

The Leuven Innovation Region is a melting pot of nationalities and cultural backgrounds, giving you a wider perspective of the world. That is why the Leuven Innovation Region has international schools, various training courses and guidance programs for those who want to come and work and live here.

We are... promisingly accessible

Everything you need is within reach in the Leuven Innovation Region, both in distance as in affordability.

In Leuven, you’ll find yourself in a multicultural city the charm, intimacy and accessibility of a village, complemented by the facilities, talent and international allure of a metropolis and connected to the world thanks to Leuven’s strategic location.

Do you want to spread the 'Leuven & Beyond' message with us?

Please do! We have prepared a complete toolbox for all those who care about the Leuven Innovation Region. Thanks to this toolbox, you have videos, presentations, the latest economic figures, ... with which you can intersperse your own story. Together we go Leuven & Beyond!

The and& festival as the pinnacle of innovation

Bright and visionary minds all over the world are trying to look beyond the big issues of our times. For these thinkers, creatives and entrepreneurs, the current global crises are opportunities. And innovation is their tool. They innovate for the better.

At the and& festival those minds can meet, the experts as well as the curious. During a five day pinnacle of innovation, we invite both speakers and public to step outside their field of expertise, and enter the fertile ground of common sense, of new synergies. And& is an initiative of Leuven MindGate.

Why was Leuven elected as European Capital of Innovation?

In 2020, the iCapital jury unanimously chose Leuven as European Innovation Capital. The European Commission praised the way in which residents, companies, organizations and knowledge institutions are committed to help shape the future.

Leuven MindGate was one of the three partners who submitted the winning dossier.

Leuven goes above and beyond, every day...

ArtiQ joins forces with Clario in strategic acquisition deal to transform respiratory solutions

3 April 2024
Leuven-based leading respiratory AI software company ArtiQ has been acquired by US multinational Clario, a leading healthcare research and…

Leuven models help unlock the dark part of space in the largest European Space Agency mission ever

30 January 2024
The largest mission ever of the European Space Agency ESA should soon - with the help of Leuven models - unlock the dark part of space.…

QbD Chair for Precision Oncology Research in Glioblastoma extended for three years

19 January 2024
The QbD Chair supports the research of Professor Frederik De Smet on glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. Behind the…

Zeopore is making its mark in emerging green applications through catalyst optimization leadership

11 January 2024
Apart from making oil refining and petrochemicals more performant and sustainable, Zeopore’s unique zeolite mesoporization technology also…

Leuven-based hydrogen panels become an official KU Leuven spin-off

7 December 2023
Producing renewable fuel anywhere in the world, based on light and air? It can be done with the unique hydrogen technology developed at KU…

Leuven's imec research centre targets 1950 new hires by 2035

4 December 2023
The Imec research centre in Leuven is looking to hire 1,950 new employees by 2035, should current growth trends persist.

How can we help?

The Leuven MindGate team is at your disposal for any questions about the Leuven Innovation Region. Do you want to invest, work or study in the region? We can help you find your way.

We also facilitate collaboration and innovation between companies, knowledge institutes and government within the Leuven Innovation Region, and we are happy to guide any of these stakeholders towards innovation.