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An overview of the innovative news which has international momentum in the Leuven Innovation Region.

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ArtiQ joins forces with Clario in strategic acquisition deal to transform respiratory solutions

3 April 2024
Leuven-based leading respiratory AI software company ArtiQ has been acquired by US multinational Clario, a leading healthcare research and…

Leuven models help unlock the dark part of space in the largest European Space Agency mission ever

30 January 2024
The largest mission ever of the European Space Agency ESA should soon - with the help of Leuven models - unlock the dark part of space.…

QbD Chair for Precision Oncology Research in Glioblastoma extended for three years

19 January 2024
The QbD Chair supports the research of Professor Frederik De Smet on glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. Behind the…

Zeopore is making its mark in emerging green applications through catalyst optimization leadership

11 January 2024
Apart from making oil refining and petrochemicals more performant and sustainable, Zeopore’s unique zeolite mesoporization technology also…

Leuven-based hydrogen panels become an official KU Leuven spin-off

7 December 2023
Producing renewable fuel anywhere in the world, based on light and air? It can be done with the unique hydrogen technology developed at KU…

Leuven's imec research centre targets 1950 new hires by 2035

4 December 2023
The Imec research centre in Leuven is looking to hire 1,950 new employees by 2035, should current growth trends persist.

Materialise plays crucial role in world's first-ever eye transplant

13 November 2023
Materialise's 3D technologies played a key role in the first-ever full eye transplant at New York's NYU Langone Health hospital. A partial…

KU Leuven students win the world championships for solar cars!

26 October 2023
The Innoptus Solar Team finished first in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the world championship for solar cars taking place in…

Leuven-based VirusBank Platform enhances society's preparedness against future viral epidemics and pandemics

25 October 2023
Today, the VirusBank Platform at KU Leuven was opened. The main objective of this platform is to enhance society's preparedness against…

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