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An overview of the innovative news which has international momentum in the Leuven Innovation Region.

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Qaelum and University of Wisconsin will collaborate on CT scan research

4 March 2022
Qaelum NV announces today that they have entered into a licensing agreement with the intellectual property agency Wisconsin Alumni Research…

KU Leuven, Royal Library of Belgium and Google to put thousands of books and historic documents online

28 February 2022
KU Leuven Libraries, KBR (Royal Library of Belgium) and Google signed agreements to share a large portion of important digitized documents…

Imec and KU Leuven present energy-efficient AI chip for robots

21 February 2022
Researchers at imec and KU Leuven have designed the first ever chip that combines a digital and analog coprocessor to speed up computations…

Leuven elected as one of the five 'must visit' destinations in Europe

11 February 2022
Leuven has been chosen as one of the five top destinations in Europe in 2022 with a whopping 48,000 votes from 77 countries and may now…
A cleanroom in the imec premises at the Leuven headquarters

Leuven-based nanotech flagship imec takes the lead in EU Chips Act

10 February 2022
Imec will play a central role in Europe’s ambitions to become a world player in the field of innovative chip technology. The digital and…

ICsense expands IC design activities, opens office in Ghent

8 February 2022
ICsense, the Leuven-based IC design house and TDK Group Company, expands its activities to meet the sustained surge in IC demand. A new…

A new home for the International School of Leuven

2 February 2022
The International School of Leuven is delighted to announce the start of a major renovation project that will further embed this growing…

KU Leuven helps develop an AI system which can predict risk of heart attack based on eye scan

1 February 2022
An international team of researchers, of which KU Leuven is a prominent part, have developed an AI system that can identify patients who…

Elmedix raises €4 million for clinical tests of cancer therapy

26 January 2022
The Leuven-based medical tech company ElmediX has succeeded in raising €4 million to finance testing of a process which would allow cancer…

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