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Doccle allows customers to share data while expanding to the Netherlands

30 June 2023

Administration platform and Leuven MindGate member Doccle is making an acquisition in the Netherlands and will allow users to share data with businesses and organizations.

Doccle is the largest administration platform in Belgium. Its shareholders are Telenet and payment platform Isabel, known for its Zoomit billing service. Customers receive invoices, certificates and other documents from companies on Doccle and can store and manage them in their vault. Now, their data vault will also allow them to share important data with companies and institutions.

Doccle acquired the technology for this thanks to the acquisition of the data safe solution from Dutch technology company Smart Service Company. That company has three employees; a takeover price was not disclosed. 'The acquisition was mainly motivated by the quality of the technology they have in house,' CEO Bram Lerouge said. Doccle will now also offer its services in the Netherlands. There will be a new office in Bergen op Zoom.

The Dutch offer templates for information exchange in specific sectors. 'Suppose a user takes out a loan. The template then allows information to be exchanged at the push of a button. In the process, no more than the necessary information is transmitted.'

Doccle's data vaults are reminiscent of the Flemish government's Solid project. That too wants to give users control over data. "We support Solid, but we can also handle other technology," Lerouge says. Doccle is a strategic partner of Athumi, the Flemish data utility.

The application is funded by participating companies and offered for free to users. Doccle had a turnover of about 7 million euros last year; it is targeting 10 million for this year. In the first five months of the year, sales increased about 40 percent compared to the same period a year earlier. Gross operating profit accounts for about 30 percent of sales. The workforce is also growing, from about 25 employees in early 2022 to 42 today.

Lerouge believes Doccle is responding to a growing need. Phishing, where people are tricked into making payments, is becoming very sophisticated. "Our biggest competitor is e-mail, but that is an increasingly insecure way to exchange invoices.

More than 2.8 million Belgians use Doccle. Every day, 1,000 new users are added. More than 17,500 companies, institutions and governments send invoices, payslips and other documents via Doccle.

Source: De Tijd, translated by Leuven MindGate

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