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International School in Leuven opens new school building for children of expats

29 September 2023

The new building of the International school in Leuven was opened today. This is the school for children of temporary expatriates in Leuven, for example researchers and visiting professors from abroad. The school already existed in container classrooms on Ter Bank. Now, a little further on Tervuursesteenweg, there is a brand new school building for children between 2 and 12 years old.

Leuven wants to take good care of its international highly educated community. That is why the city, together with the Flemish Institute of Microbiology (VIB), Imec and KU Leuven, is opening a new school building for the International school. The school offers preschool and primary education in English. "Yet we also teach Dutch and at the end of elementary school some French," says Bart Hendrickx, head of academic diplomacy at KU Leuven. "We want to cater to the many foreign temporary guests in Leuven. They often work and research for Imec, KU Leuven or other international scientific players. Because they are only here temporarily, and often have their families with them, we want to offer early childhood education.

"By teaching in English, they can then often continue schooling somewhere else in the world. We were already temporarily in container classrooms at Ter Bank, now we are in a beautiful new building. It is only primary education, for secondary education the children have to go elsewhere. There are now 60 children with 25 different nationalities. The majority this year is from Korea, China and Italy." concludes Hendrickx.

The mayor of Leuven Mohamed Ridouani is proud of the International school of Leuven. "Leuven is becoming more and more international and so we need to offer such a school for temporary expats working in Gasthuisberg or Imec. We have to think of our prosperity, otherwise they might move away to other cities. Now they often had to send their children to school in Tervuren. Now it is possible here in Leuven on the Tervuursesteenweg, as it were between the UZ Leuven and Imec. They also work closely with our own Flemish schools. Anyone who wants to transfer to a Leuven school can easily do so."

Source: VRT NWS

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