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Zeopore is making its mark in emerging green applications through catalyst optimization leadership

11 January 2024

Apart from making oil refining and petrochemicals more performant and sustainable, Zeopore’s unique zeolite mesoporization technology also strongly contributes to the global energy transition and emerging circular economy.

As a result of macroeconomic, environmental and geopolitical evolutions, the oil demand is likely to peak in the next five to ten years. By providing enhanced zeolite-based catalysts, Zeopore allows existing petrochemical industries to operate more targeted, efficient and sustainable.

The world no longer exclusively relies on fossil fuels because of environmental considerations and the limited global crude oil supply. The future of the fossil fuel industry is likely to be shaped by a combination of factors driving further decarbonization. These factors include energy transition, electrification and climate policies.

As a catalysis innovator, Zeopore captures many opportunities in the macroshift from petrochemical to renewable sources, ecofriendly energy production, and (plastic) waste recycling. The gradual escape from fossil sources leads to the growing use of biomass and waste plastics sources. These unique catalyst innovations enable Zeopore to positively contribute to this global trend in energy transition and circular economy.

Kurt Du Mong, Zeopore CEO: "We have already achieved several proofpoints of our value in the chemical industry's macro shift towards renewable sources, ecofriendly energy production, CO2 capture and (plastic) waste recycling. Because this shift entails fundamental process changes, we increase the applicability of our mesoporized zeolites in a number of green catalysis processes, such as green methanol to olefins, sustainable fuels, biomass conversion to olefins and aromatics, and advanced plastic waste recycling. Partners or consortia are welcome to jointly embed our catalysis innovations in broader technology developments for realizing new green processes and supply chains."

Overall, Zeopore will continue to collaborate with customers, partners and knowledge organizations to further extend its expertise and application reach.

Quite a major milestone is that Zeopore is setting up its own in-house industrial pilot unit for mesoporizing zeolites. The pilot installation allows them to further tune the unique mesoporization process and deliver ton-scale testing volumes of mesoporized zeolites to customers. This allows refining and petrochemical companies to make their processes more performant and sustainable.

At the same time, they also use this pilot installation to produce zeolite based catalysts for green applications. Zeopore is looking for partners, co-developers and consortia to jointly embed their catalytic innovations in broader technology developments for improving existing and realizing new green processes and supply chains.

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