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'Digital theatrical rain printer' and Symphony @ The Museum win Leuven MindGate Cross Over Contest

6 October 2017

At SPACE, Leuven MindGate Creativity's yearly event, two projects have been announced as winners of the Leuven MindGate Cross Over Contest. The 'Digital Theatrical Rain Printer' by theatre house Nieuwstedelijk and KU Leuven, and Symphony @ The Museum by M-Museum Leuven (M), Haystack and PXL-MAD. Both projects received 10 000 euro in prize money.

After the Cross Over Event of June 21, the attendees were given the opportunity to put their ideas into practice and partake in the Cross Over Contest. The participating partnerships had to include at least two independent actors in Health, High-Tech and/or Creativity. By doing so, Leuven MindGate gives cross-sectorial partnerships a push in the back.

Symphony @ The Museum


M and Haystack got their idea at the Cross Over Event in how to research the way taste, smell and touch influence the way we look at art. They teamed up with university college PXL-MAD from Hasselt and started researching the impact on the emotion of museum visitors.

"This project unifies three players from different sectors and offers a contextual return for all partners", the judges mentioned. "On top of that, Symphony @ The Museum has a lot of potential since these insights will benefit the entire museum landscape and, in return, bring more people to the museums."

Needless to say, the winning team was ecstatic. "Feeling, tasting and sensing are rapidly becoming a gateway to art. This requires research from both a psychological and artistic point of view where technology offers an added value. At M, we're very happy to start this research with our partners from Haystack and PXL" Peter Bary, director of M mentions. "All three parties are intrigued by this matter, but from a totally different background", Sarah Degrande from Haystack continues. "This cooperation allows us to think outside of the box and develop new insights."

Digital Theatrical Rain Printer

Performing arts and technology meet each other in this cooperation between Nieuwstedelijk and KU Leuven's e-Media Research Lab. The project aims to formally present a storyline where technology and rain play a central role. By building a machine which combines the characteristics of a regular rain machine and a printer, the organisers will be capable of literally raining words.

"This clear cross over between creativity and technology is an ambitious project with a clear return for both partners. It also shows that high-tech and creativity can create beautiful projects. This kind of application can perfectly be used at the and& festival in May 2018", the judges mentioned.

Stijn Devillé from Nieuwstedelijk was utterly grateful for the prize. "Without the Leuven MindGate network, I would have never even begun with this type of cross over. I'm very happy to have met such an enthusiastic partner as Luc Geurts from KU Leuven. The project also shows that technology is much more than just mathematics and funtionality; it is also capable to move and affect people emotionally."

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