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Leuven MindGate's Cross Over Event inspires and engages over 200 attendees

22 June 2017

Exactly one year after Leuven MindGate's inaugural event, the stage was set again at M Museum. Leuven MindGate (re)united its three forefront sectors, aiming to inspire and create new ideas. Over 200 attendees traded the hot summer sun for the cool museum and came looking for that inspiration. The event was followed by Leuven MindGate's one year anniversary and a rooftop reception for its members.


The event got off to a flying start at 3 in the afternoon. Right from the start, curious entrepreneurial attendees went looking for inspiration in different sorts of forms. The Forum was the stage for inspirational Cross Over Talks where speakers from the Leuven MindGate ecosystem used several cases in which they have successfully applied cross over cooperations in the past. A more interactive form could be found in one of the Brainstorms. Here, leading organisations from all three sectors offered several brainstorms to help others out of the 'idea' phase and create new insights and solutions.

creative buzz and irresistible energy

One on one Speeddates were held in the M-Café. Attendees had seven minutes the time to find a new co-creator, partner or client. Poster sessions were also held at one of the six Speakers Corners. Innovative concepts, cases or even companies could present themselves to a small but engaging audience in front of a flipchart. All these forms could be found on the ground floor of the Museum M, instantly creating a creative buzz and irresistible energy.

"It was great talking to you, but I have to go to a Conversation Starter date now"

The online application Conversation Starter was used for networking and lived up to its name. The ground floor of the museum had four Conversation Starter meeting points which were constantly crowded. Before the event, attendees could already fill out their profile page on Conversation Starter with information about themselves, what they have to offer and what they are looking for. "It was great talking to you, but I have to go to a Conversation Starter date now" was probably the sentence everyone heard the most.

The attendees spoke of a successful event which exceeded all expectations. Steps have been made towards new ideas and collaborations, and many organisations took the opportunity to step into the limelight.

One year Leuven MindGate

After the Cross Over Event, Leuven MindGate members could partake in a guided tour through the renewed M Museum followed by the General Assembly and celebration of Leuven MindGate's first year.

The celebration was moderated by actrice Katrijn Van Bouwel. First, Mohamed Ridouani, President of the General Assembly, made a speech of how this event "confirms that Leuven MindGate is here to stay." Following, Leuven MindGate General Manager Johan Merlevede took the stage to look back on the past year and all the accomplishments that have been made.


Next, Katrijn Van Bouwel interviewed Leuven MindGate President Gilbert Declerck. Gilbert mentioned how proud he is of the entire initiative and that it is unseen how Leuven is working together today. To finish off, Koen Vanmechelen gave an artistic keynote about art and science collaborating.

After the talks, the evening ended on the roof of the museum where all members could enjoy complimentary drinks and a cold buffet. Many of them had no issue staying until the museum's curfew at midnight.


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