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Internationals in Leuven - Federica Zanca

Together with our partner organizations, Leuven MindGate is committed to spreading the word about the fantastic opportunities our region has to offer. We’re here to tell you - and to show you - all the reasons you should consider becoming a Leuvenaar. And who better to tell you all the reasons than international Leuvenaars themselves?

An Italian self-made woman who loves to dance

Federica was born in Ferrara (Italy) and she moved to Leuven in 2003 for love. She has 20 years of solid experience in Medical Imaging in industry and in hospital and academic settings.

Living in Leuven allowed her to become fluent in 4 languages (Italian, Dutch, French and English). She currently owns her own consulting company, Palindromo Consulting. She is the mother of three teenagers, and she loves dancing with loud music while cooking great Italian food.

Federica at a glance

  • Length of time in the Leuven Region: 20 years
  • Reason for moving to Leuven: Love
  • Favorite spot in Leuven: Meerdaalwoud
  • Favorite phrases in Dutch: Handschoenen
  • You can follow Federica on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram
  • She received her PhD degree from the Imaging and Pathology department of the KUL
  • We see Federica at Startit @KBC, where she likes to hold meetings with customers, at Grace Pilates Studio or Meerdaalwoud where she likes to exercise
  • She also heads to Leuven MindGate member STUK, where she enjoys their great cultural offerings or at the WereldCafe cooperative for a “think global, eat local” mindset.

How can we help?

The Leuven MindGate team is at your disposal for any questions about the Leuven Innovation Region. Do you want to invest, work or study in the region? We can help you find your way.

We also facilitate collaboration and innovation between companies, knowledge institutes and government within the Leuven Innovation Region, and we are happy to guide any of these stakeholders towards innovation.