Zorgzaam Leuven kicks off by signing convention with the government


Zorgzaam Leuven, a program designed to radically change and renew healthcare for chronic illnesses, was officially kicked off on Tuesday night in the company of the federal minister of healthcare. More than 50 local organisations are involved. 

The Leuven-based consortium is led by a taskforce which represents the city and its population, healthcare and services. Its focus lies in three domains.

The first domain consists of vulnerable chronically ill patients for which Zorgzaam Leuven will implement several smart actions such as additional case management, thematic coaching, 24/7 flexible homecare etc. The second domain consists of people who suffer from chronic illnesses, heavily impacting their daily lives. By developing healthcare programs for at least five chronic illnesses and focusing on empowerment, self-management skills and improving health literacy. The final domain are people who run the risk of becoming chronically ill. By implementing prevention and early stage healthcare planning, Zorgzaam Leuven aims to tackle the last group as well.

Several activitiesare organised almost weekly, and Zorgzaam Leuven encourages individuals and organisations to join one of the taskforces.