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Zensor selected as Most Disruptive Rising Star in Deloitte Fast 50

20 November 2017

On November 14th 2017 Deloitte organised its Fast 50 event in Brussels, Belgium. An event where the fastest growing tech companies were celebrated. Zensor was announced as the Most Disruptive Rising Star. Many other companies from the region made the list as well.

After a preselection from more than 60 candidates the final 10 were invited to the Finals. Here they pitched their story to an independent jury led by Duco Sickinghe, CEO of Fortino and former CEO of Telenet.

This jury selected Leuven MindGate Zensor as being the Most Disruptive Rising Star, while Spott (Aalst) was elected The Rising star. At the same event Teamleader (Ghent) was selected as the fastest growing Tech company in Belgium.

The jury appreciated the evolution of Zensor into a company offering complete solutions for continuously tracking the health of industrial structures and installations such as bridges, tunnels, offshore and onshore wind turbines as well as chemical production sites.

Through continuous R&D and collaboration with its customers the initial offering has been expanded from mainly corrosion monitoring to the full spectrum of factors that influence the safety, operational life and maintenance of the installations targeted. This approach is entirely in line with the ever increasing need for more sustainable infrastructure.

Other regional companies featured on the list were StepUp Consulting, MinDCet, Comate, VeroTech, LAB Motion Systems and XeniT. Novosanis, Pick It and LynxCare also made noticeable spots on the ranking. These companies are alumni of Leuven.Inc's BITS programme.


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