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XenomatiX launches 6D Road Scanning

7 May 2020

XenomatiX, Tier II provider of true solid state lidars, launches a new business unit, 6D Road Scanning services to strengthen its position as innovator and facilitator of road safety and comfort.


Since roads wear with loads and seasons, 6D road scanning allow road managers to effectively analyze the road surface for cracks, waviness, rutting, potholes or other damages and to determine if and when maintenance or repair is needed.

Using its true solid state lidar systems, XenomatiX acquires and analyses high-precision and reliable pavement condition data for any road network. The Road Scanning sensor is mounted on top of a regular vehicle and digitizes the road surface, collecting following types of data: 3D pointclouds, surface reflectivity data, camera images and detailed GPS data. These measurements can be delivered as raw data or can be analyzed by XenomatiX’ road engineering experts using generic or customized algorithms.

‘The new 6D Road Scanning Services are a natural extension of our company’s core business.’, adds XenomatiX’ CEO Filip Geuens ‘We help optimizing road infrastructure and increasing the efficiency of road maintenance to make roads and cities safer and more comfortable, in the most efficient and affordable way.’

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