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XenomatiX and Zensor expand their ecosystem in the infrastructure market

21 June 2022

Safety and durability are cornerstones in XenomatiX’ and Zensor’s strategic development and key in the decision criteria to set up partnerships in their ecosystem. Today, XenomatiX and Zensor announce their collaboration on safety and durability in the infrastructure market and their joint support in a total solution approach. A true Leuven MindGate collaboration between two members!

XenomatiX, a solid-state LiDAR provider in the automotive and industrial market, expanded years ago its application domain to the road infrastructure sector, developing an innovative Road LiDAR to digitize the road and use the data for flexible and interpretable road quality monitoring.

Zensor, specializes in infrastructure analytics, transforming sensor data to information on the quality status of bridges, tunnels, harbors, airports, cities, etc… Both companies deliver valuable information for the infrastructure decision makers.

The two companies, both with headquarters in Belgium, value the mission to better monitor public assets and save on natural resources by expanding the lifetime of the infrastructure assets, make repair more efficient and create public cost savings.

“We can help keep the infrastructure safer and at the same time save on the infrastructure spending budget!” says Filip Geuens, CEO of XenomatiX.

“This innovative combination allows for a more complete approach for monitoring complex structural assets like bridges, roads, and tunnels.” Adds Yves Van Ingelgem, CEO of Zensor.

Both companies are committed to advocate their mutual innovative approach to authorities and industrial partners.

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