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UZ Leuven opens new therapy tower on campus Pellenberg

30 March 2018

Today, UZ Leuven opened the therapy tower of campus Pellenberg's rehabilitation center. The therapy tower symbolizes campus Pellenberg's ambition of being a leading rehabilitation center in Belgium. Next to a renewed architectural concept, the rehabilitation center also boasts new software-guided training programs, hydrotherapy, and innovative ways to help patients on their way back to their daily lives.

The eight story building is an architectural feat: the open spaces and views on the surroundings make up the ideal space to find both peace and stimulation during different forms of therapy. Next to multi functional spaces, the way of working for the personnel has also been overhauled. Therapeutes no longer have their own room where patients stop by, but go to commonrooms in function of the patient's rehabilitation goals.

"Doesn't look like a hospital"

Prof. dr. Koen Peers, head of medicine and rehabilitation: "We want our rehabilitation center to look like a hospital as little as possible. The key is to create an open and relaxed atmosphere where rehabilitating patients, therapeutes and family members stimulate one another to work hard on their recovery and re-entry in society. We're convinced that this dynamic form of rehabilitation will allow patients to rise above themselves and let them accomplish goals they never thought were possible.

Smart gym equipment

Floor seven's polyvalent room and stunning views literally is the highlight of the therapy tower. In this space, volleyball, falling training, and wheelchair basketball can be played. Below, patients can be given hydrotherapy in a pool with a view of the surrounding forest's canopy. Two floors lower, a large gym offers patients a plethora of modern rehabilitation equipment for training. Each patient has his/her own gym badge which shows its personalized gym schedule, which exercises to complete and how often. This data is then transferred to the medical file which allows the physios and rest of the medical staff to closely follow-up on their patients.

Therapy tower in numbers
  • 13 stories
  • 2900 m² therapy space
  • 3500 m² rubber floor
  • 570 rust-free siding panels
  • 40 m² therapy swimming pool with adjustable depth
  • 3 story 450 m² gym room
  • 2 infrared controlled elevators
  • 28 rehabilitation bikes and 36 treatment tables
  • 2000 m² multiplex walls

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