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UZ Leuven develops app allowing patients to consult their medical records

20 April 2017

Thousands of patients at UZ Leuven, AZ Groeninge and AZ Diest can now consult their medical files using an app called Mynexuzhealth. In time, UZ Leuven aims to bring the Flemish number of hospitals using the app to twenty. IT-group Cegeka assisted UZ Leuven in the development and Leuven-based start-up Integriti takes care of the app's security.

Developing the app took more than a year. Users log in using two-factor authentication. Next to a password, users also need a code which they receive through a code card given by the hospital or a separate app. Integriti, a Leuven-based start-up, uses ethical hackers to spot breaches in security and helps closing them.

"In the past, patients already had access to their medical file but needed permission from their doctor. This usually happened for legal procedures, work accidents or inheritance rights. These days, patients are more conscious about their health and they want to remain on top of things", Johan Van Eldere, chief physician at UZ Leuven mentions.


Mynexuzhealth is a next step towards e-health for UZ Leuven. The app allows doctors to follow up their patient's recovery from a distance. It also provides integrations for Fitbit and Google Fit, which in turn provides doctors with all kinds of medical data.

Source: UZ Leuven


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