UCLL launches 'School at home' for toddlers, pupils and teachers


To support parents who work from home in 'corona-days', UCLL has launched the platform 'School at home' for toddlers, pupils and teachers. Through their YouTube-channel in Dutch, UCLL provides entertaining but informative content, and a lot of tips and tricks to make the quarantine life more bearable.

For your convenience, each video is labelled with its target group. The content is provided by enthusiastic teacher training students, specialist educational researchers from the Education & Development Expertise Centre and by the science communicators from our UCLL Technology and Science Academy.

For example, let raisins dance or make a rabbit tumbler with this template.

Would you like to know more about how you can live and learn together at home? Read our tips, supplemented with handy diagrams and a study guide for secondary education.

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