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eEASI is the 'gazelle' of Wallonia

19 June 2020

For 19 years now, Trends-Tendances and Trends have been awarding fast-growing companies the title of "Trends Gazelle". After being crowned Ambassador in the category of large companies for the province Walloon Brabant a few months ago, Leuven MindGate member EASI confirms its dazzling growth by becoming Ambassador 2020 for the whole of Wallonia.


"We are particularly proud of this achievement” says Thomas Van Eeckhout, CEO of EASI. “Ten years ago, we were already nominated for a Trends Gazelle, but in the small company category. Today we receive the award in the large companies’ category and for the entire French speaking part of the country. It gives me great pleasure to see how far we have come in all these years."

Tech is leading the way

The technology sector in our country keeps growing. The repeated excellent results of the IT company EASI are evidence of this. In 2018 the annual turnover reached 34 million euros, which is 14 million euros more than the 20 million euros turnover of 2014.

"Many companies are modernizing and going through a digital transformation at a rapid pace”, says Jean-François Herremans, the other EASI CEO. “The arrival of the virus has confirmed this trend and we witness it with our clients. The current situation has opened the eyes of many companies and industries to the digital opportunities that a company like EASI can offer them.”

Targets reached

Despite the challenges of recent months related to the health crisis, EASI has succeeded in minimizing the impact on its business. The IT company emphasizes its continued growth with the acquisition of telecom player ICT Architect and the hiring of 30 new talents in the past two months.

"The strength of EASI and its employees is our ability to seize opportunities even in times of great challenge”, says Thomas Van Eeckhout. "For instance, many companies have suspended their recruitment process during the lockdown. We took advantage of this to attract many talented profiles available on the market. We have also forged unique links with new partners. We always look positively to the future, and it’s paying off"

International growth

EASI is now looking across the Belgian borders to realize its ambitious plans. The company is currently already present in 5 different countries. Last year the company was able to successfully launch a local branch in Switzerland. The right people in the right place combined with stable and innovative products and services allows the company to demonstrate its maturity internationally.

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