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The international news media is full of praise for Leuven, the new iCapital

29 September 2020

One of the reasons Leuven MindGate was founded at the time was to put Leuven on the international map as an innovation hub in Health, High-Tech and Creativity.

The award of 'European Capital of Innovation' that Leuven won gives this objective a nice boost. From Spain to Scandinavia, from France to Greece, 'Leuven' was the talk of the continent.


Last Thursday, Leuven was crowned 'European Capital of Innovation 2020'. Together with Leuven 2030 and Leuven MindGate, the city of Leuven submitted a dossier to the European Commission for the so-called iCapital award, and Leuven managed to win top prize.

Leuven is the only Belgian city to bear the title of 'European Capital of Innovation' and reached the finals competing against cities such as Vienna, Valencia and Milan. With this, Leuven joins a select circle of cities including Barcelona, Amsterdam and Paris. Being the winner of the 6th edition, the award gets a resonance in Belgium, as well in international news media.

Being able to have contributed to the dissemination of the Leuven-based innovations the past few years, makes us very proud.

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