Technology from Leuven gives Spanish patients more accurate radiology research


A Spanish health service started implementing software by Leuven-based Qaelum for its radiology research. This will allow patients to undergo a more detailed research. 

Qaelum develops software which determines the amount of radiation during radiology researches. The company started in 2011 as a KU Leuven spin-off and has since then grown steadily out of its baby shoes. "We still have close ties to the KU Leuven but are no longer a true spin-off. Nowadays we're an independent scale-up", Luc Colle, Global VP Sales at Qaelum, mentions.

To comply with the new Euratom standards, SESCAM (Servicio de Salud de Castilla-La Mancha) collaborates with Fujifilm and Qaelum. "Our knowledge perfectly fits SESCAM's needs. The 'Dose' software we developed helps determine the lowest possible dosis of radiation to comply with these standards", Collie continues. 

This collaboration will create more jobs at Qaelum in Leuven but in Spain as well. Overseas, Qaelum is also sailing smoothly. Last year, the company started a collaboration with Virtual Phantoms and have already started recruiting and building out the technical phase. There are also plans to head to the markets in Australia and the Middle East.