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Sweepatic provides cybersecurity help to health care sector to help them protect their data

2 June 2020

Targeted cybercrime against healthcare providers and medical institutions has increased since the coronavirus outbreak. More than ever it is necessary to maintain excellent cybersecurity. Leuven MindGate member Sweepatic offers a free platform license to help hospitals in these challenging times.


"A cyber attack on an already overwhelmed hospital with COVID-19 could significantly disrupt medical procedures with disastrous results. Sweepatic wants to contribute and help hospitals become more cyber resilient." says Stijn Vande Casteele, founder and CEO of Sweepatic.

Since COVID-19, digitization has increased dramatically in many organizations, leading to larger, complex and more exposed online footprints. The unique and fully automated Sweepatic platform generates actionable insights to proactively help and inform customers so that they become more resilient to cyber attacks. It does this by setting up a very extensive exploration from the outside, so that redundant websites, outdated software and the like can be detected and cleaned up. In this way, criminals can find less and they are very discouraged.

Reinoud Reynders, IT manager infrastructure & operations UZ Leuven: "We are happy with this offer. At UZ Leuven we have a well-developed and strict cyber security. During the corona period, we saw no increase in cyber crime, but due to the increased demand for digital communication, it was all hands on deck for the hospital's IT department. With the Sweepatic platform license, our own security specialists can easily test their security solutions. An external partner looks at our IT infrastructure from the outside with a different and extra pair of eyes. It is interesting and instructive for us to compare the findings of Sweepatic with our existing insight, because in IT security it is important to make your attack surface as small as possible so that you make it a bit more difficult for the hackers."

Pictures: Computable / UZ Leuven

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