Survey: International Education In Leuven


This is the « Leuven International Secondary School Survey » for internationally mobile and/or foreign families living in the wider Leuven area. The survey is set up by the City of Leuven, together with Leuven MindGate member Pulso

In order to help you thrive as an internationally mobile and/or foreign family, the Leuven City Council is interested in learning about the educational needs of your children. This survey is part of the feasibility study for setting up an international secondary school in Leuven.

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What is this survey about?

This survey aims to clarify to what extent opening an international secondary school would benefit international families already living in the Leuven area.

Target respondents:

International families living in Leuven and surrounding municipalities.

The questionnaire asks for information about:

  • The current schooling solutions of children of international families;
  • The current schooling obstacles for these children;
  • The families’ interest in international education for their children
  • The financial contribution parents would be willing and able to support
  • The families’ preference for educational approaches

How will the information be used?

The collected information will support the feasibility study for opening an international school in Leuven, and will not be used for any other purpose. The survey is anonymous, and the collected information will only be published under aggregate form.