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Students of KU Leuven and Thomas More build a fully self-driving electric race car

23 August 2022

Ever since 2009, the students of KU Leuven and Thomas More have been building an electric race car every year, showcasing the latest in high-tech gadgets. Over the past years, the students have taken up residency at the site of CommScope Connectivity Belgium in Kessel-Lo, Leuven.


CommScope pushes the boundaries of technology to create the world’s most advanced networks, through innovation, continuous improvement and teamwork.

These values are key to the students as well as they continuously push the boundaries in developing their race cars. For the first time ever they built a fully self-driving electric race car : the Super Nova. “We were ready for the next step, converting one of our older race models into a self-driving version”, says team manager Remko Schippers. "Extra sensors, motors and a strong computer scan the surroundings and help the car decide on steering, braking or accelerating."

And the race goes on, as the base platform will be further developed over the coming years, to develop a hybrid car in future, that can both be driven but is also self-driving.

With the improved version of the self-driving electric race car, the students intend to participate next year in the Formula Student Competition, one of the biggest engineering competitions in the world.

Different Leuven MindGate members put their shoulders under this project, next to CommScope and KU Leuven. Deloitte, Siemens, Econcore, Flanders Make, Ausy and many more.

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