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Student team from Leuven battles for prices with new electric race car

4 June 2019

Wednesday the 29 of May, Formula Electric Belgium revealed its newest electric race car, the Umicore Eclipse. The team of students from the KU Leuven and Thomas More University designed and build this vehicle by themselves during the academic year. The race car is a remarkable piece of innovative technology.


September was the month when everything started for the students from Formula Electric Belgium.The design and production of their newest electric race car was a success and their future looks bright! The more than 4000 parts were designed by the students themselves, from the chassis to the battery package. Their impressive engineering- and production work resulted in the Umicore Eclipse, a race car weighing only 200 kilograms with a top speed of 117km/hr.

Team captain Willem T’Hooft is very positive about the future. “Last year, the Czech jury awarded our car as the most innovative. With this gold medal, we proved that we are in the top of the ranking. With the Umicore Eclipse we hope to improve this result by trying to capture a place on the podium in multiple disciplines. Because of that we focussed even more on performance and reliability."

Not only on the track but also off, the student team has to score points. The students need to work out a business case and convince a jury of experts why their car is the most innovative.

To realize their project, Formula Electric Belgium works together with a network of over 130 companies, innovation centres and non-profit organisations. United under the motto ‘Green Innovation meets Performance’, all want to contribute to a more sustainable mobility sector.

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