Sifted calls Leuven one of Europe's most succesful start-up hubs


Sifted, the media site for Europe's innovators and entrepreneurs backed by the Financial Times, has discovered Leuven as one of the start-up hubs in Europe. 

Sifted states: "We all know that start-up hubs are buzzing in the major European capitals of London, Paris and Berlin. It’s not even surprising that the second-cities of Barcelona, Munich and Milan are also a hive of activity."

But who knew that there were so many start-up hubs in the small towns of Leuven, Oulu, Oss, Montpellier and Sandwich? That’s the takeaway of Sifted’s data-dive this week, thanks to some data from the research company PitchBook."

Sifted puts the spotlight on Leuven, by comparising our city to Espoo (Finland) in a graph.

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