(Scientific) aliens arriving in Leuven on October 20th


Let's build a starship!

Whether you’re a student, a scientist, a designer, an engineer, a space photographer, an artist, a philosopher, a gardener, a DIY-lover or a sociologist, you can take part in the Leuven-based version of Seeker [LVN6], the awesome arts project created by the SEAD collective!


What is Seeker [LVN6]?

Seeker is the name of an arts project conceived by space systems researcher, biologist and visual artist Angelo Vermeulen, who leads community-based builds of starship prototypes. Seeker sculptures have been created in various locations all over the world. At each location, a multidisciplinary team has to come up with its own concept and design for a starship. The Leuven version includes a set of spaceship-like sculptures, created by the SEAD collective.

Each team uses a methodology of co-creation in which participants build a self-sustainable structure simulating interstellar exploration, drawing on skills within the group and on local traditions and experimenting with technological, ecological and social systems.


Seeker [LVN6] in Leuven, the sixth version of the spaceship sculpture to date, will be presented to the public during the opening weekend of 'Five centuries of Arenbergs' on October 20th and 21st 2018.

Once the private estate of an illustrious local family of noble descent, the park will provide the setting for an event in which the site’s historic legacy meets the modern-day dynamics of this exceptional location. Nowadays the Arenberg campus is home to KU Leuven’s exact sciences departments, which explore the limits of technological and human potential.