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Salvo sets up a whole new identity for Mission Lucidity

20 December 2018

As you can read in an earlier article on our website, the Leuven-inspired 'Mission Lucidity' was granted over one million dollars in funding from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative - Mark Zuckerberg's charity foundation. But did you know that creative brand strategists - and Leuven Mindgate member - Salvo designed a marketing strategy, naming and visual identity for this innovative project?

Sam Buyst, Chief Strategist at Salvo: "Our approach centred on a carefully-thought-out strategy and hands-on workshops. With an eight week deadline to design the entire project, we guided the founders through a naming trajectory, conceived the brand's visual identity, and built an animated, responsive website. Thanks to our expertise and the active involvement of the group of pioneers behind the research venture - including the project's president Urbain Vandeurzen and imec's CEO Luc Van den hove - Mission Lucidity was born."

"As the collaboration hopes to inspire other researchers worldwide by offering a new perspective on dementia research, we chose a name that sounds both hopeful and determined. We believe Mission Lucidity - an ambitious vision of a dementia-free future - strikes the right balance."


"Embedded in the logo's design is the name's layered meaning. For Lucidity we used a strong, bold font with a monospace typeface, which stands for the project's innovative and compelling character. The O of Mission is enlarged and widened, inspired by a horizon - a symbol of hope."

"The background colours of the logo exist out of lively background colours. An interactive colour gradient was created, conveying a rich visual experience. This abstract, 'spacy' visual language references to science and technology and is an artistic interpretation of the information flow between neurons."

Sam Buyst: "We are proud that Mission Lucidity is currently used to draw on worldwide funding and are looking forward to the undoubtedly revolutionary discoveries the project's research will produce."

Take a look at Mission Lucidity's website here.

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