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Renewed M-Museum opens its doors

12 June 2017

After five months, the M-Museum in Leuven reopened its doors to the public. Technology and science now incorporate a big part of the museum experience which more than ever focuses on the engagement of the visitors, giving a museum visit a whole new dimension.

Source: M Museum
Pictures: Rudy Van Beek

Thanks to an investment of 1,3 million euro, M Museum has made its definite leap into the 21st century, trading in the classic museum experience for an interactive approach linked to science and technological innovation. "M wants to let the visitor really see for themselves, be critical, have a more in-depth approach. That's where the modern museum's societal role lies", Peter Bary, M Museum Director, mentions.

"Questionnaire labels, sensing labels, audioguides, a new app, video, ... M is now a place where you can do so much more than just watch", Isabel Lowyck, Department Head of Public Activities, continues.

To complete this feat, M Museum - a founding member of Leuven MindGate - cooperated with Haystack, another Leuven MindGate member.

Reopening weekend brings over 3.000 visitors

On Sunday June 11, Minister of Culture Sven Gatz and Chairwoman Denise Vandervoort reopened M Museum and saw over 3.000 visitors for the event.

"M didn't encounter a false start. We are extremely happy with the renewal of our museum. Over 3.000 people found their way to the museum and enjoyed the new varied offer", Denise Vandervoort mentioned.

"We are happy to reopen our doors with a brand new storyline", Peter Bary, Director of M Museum, continued. "This opening weekend gave many of our visitors a first impression and we will be expecting many of them to return in the coming weeks to have a better look."


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