Regional hospital Heilig Hart Leuven receives international quality label


The Regional hospital Heilig Hart Leuven has attained the international NIAZ-Qmentum label. The accreditation follows an extensive audit which occurred between 3 and 6 October 2017. The hospital complies to no less than 98,4 percent of the quality standards. 

"We're proud of this result", Katrien Van Gerven, CEO of the Regional hospital, mentions. "We should be, with a score of 98,4% on the high priority standards, 92% on the platina standards and 81% on the diamond standards. This is an acknowledgement for all our efforts but a confirmation for our patients, doctors and other affiliates that they can rely on safe and high quality care in our hospital. This represents the cherry on the cake. The tone has been set now and we will continue with this positive trend. Quality-wise thinking is embedded in our culture and we put it into practice; we aim to keep it that way."

The label counts for the next four years and the report contains, next to many praises, several recommendations on which the hospital will work in the future.