Pick up your packages in an elevator? Leuven-based Bringme starts partnership with Schindler


Schindler, the international elevator producer and Bringme, the Leuven-based app developer and inventor of the Bringme Box, will start a partnership. Together, they will offer a total solution for residences and appartement buildings.

The Twist, a new housing project in Leuven, will see the first results of the partnership between the two. Residents will have the option to open the building's door, their mailbox, Bringme Box and own front door with just one digital key. The elevator will take them automatically to their floor.

Bringme Box is an automated service capable of receiving packages, paying for them, sign for reception and also return and send them. Residents can also place their laundry inside the box and leave it there for the dry cleaner to pick up, for example.

Thanks to Schindler's technology it is now possible to create a smart network which makes it possible to automatically determine which parts of which buildings are accessible for different visitors. For example, someone delivering a package will automatically only have access to the main hall and Bringme Box whereas the plummer will have access to the basement and floor where he has to conduct a repair. 

Bringme was founded in 2014 and currently employs a workforce of over 75. More than 750 companies and buildings already make use of their solution.