Open source data against corona, at your disposal


Leuven MindGate member Zenjoy helped creating the 'open source platform against corona', together with UCL. They hope that this open source initiative inspires governments and organizations to be generous and show solidarity.

For example, via the Open Source platform https://www.opensourceagainstc... you can find patterns to create 'mask covers'. These covers extend the lifespan of current mouth masks, and you can make them yourself!

Anyone who is proficient with fabrics and sewing can get started. The intention is that in the short term (coming days) several more initiatives can be collected on the site with which people can help in the fight against the virus.

Leuven MindGate member Zenjoy participated in the development and design of the open source platform. Do you have an open source solution to help fight COVID-19 and you want your solution to be shared? Visit the website: https://www.opensourceagainstc...