ONE2PLAY Festival attracts diverse crowd


Last weekend, the ONE2PLAY Festival held its first edition at the STUK Arts Center in Leuven. The festival focused on artistic, cultural and socially relevant games.

The ONE2PLAY Festival enjoyed a successful inaugural edition of the videogames festival that aims to present games as a cultural voice. The festival for artistic, cultural, and socially relevant games took place at STUK and showcased a curated list of 24 international videogames - many of them not yet released or shown to the public!

Aside from an impressive international selection, there were five Belgian games that intrigued the crowd. For younger visitors there was a second room with more tactile and interactive games. While videogame events tend to attract a dominantly male audience, the festival had a mixed crowd of young and old, families and couples. 

Without a doubt, the event achieved one of its major goals: to show videogames to a broader audience. The organisation is looking to make this event a yearly tradition and grow the festival to be a cultural and creative haven for indiegames in Belgium.

Pictures by Amir Khidojatov