The total number of starters in Belgium has never been higher


Belgium has never had more starting companies than in 2016. That is the main takeaway from a study done by market information bureau Graydon. 2016 was an even better year than record-breaking 2015.

Source: Graydon

Last year, 89.777 new companies were founded in Belgium, an increase of 9%. More than half of those new companies were founded in the Flemish Region although the Walloon Region and Brussels Capital Region also noted a strong increase. 

Picture: Graydon Starteratlas 2017

Antwerp remains the province with the most starters whereas Limburg had the biggest increase in comparison to next year. Flemish-Brabant had an average increase and represents 9,19% of all new Belgian starters, finishing second to last of all Flemish provinces.

Highest chance of survival in Flemish-Brabant

However, Flemish-Brabant excels when it comes to the survival rate of companies. On average, two-thirds of Belgian starters survive their first five years whereas in Flemish-Brabant 7 out of 10 starters  are still doing business after their first five years.

When it comes to failures, 65.843 companies stopped their activities in 2016, resulting in a net growth of 2,1%.

Eric Van den Broele, Senior Manager Research & Development at Graydon Belgium says "The biggest increase can be found in the sector 'Land-, air-, and water transport'. Further analysis shows that these are self-employed couriers who work for a growing group of internet related parcel services, allowing a large group of people to find a job. However, the use of drones in this sector could burst this bubble real soon."

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