Noses running wild for Leuven-made handkerchiefs


Five childhood friends from Leuven are into handkerchiefs. They love the tradition represented by the little pieces of textile and decided to make them hip once again. Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, they now started Huff & Puff; their very own collection of hip hankies

The idea started when all five of them; Tom De Cock(radiohost at MNM), Simon Gryspeert (Project Manager at Flanders DC), Bruno Festjens (fireman and salesman of survival gear at A.S. Adventure), Ward Pauwels (editor-in-chief of graphic design bureau Tripleclick) and Jonas Van Garsse(engineer at Henkel), suffered from a collective cold on a skiing trip and used textile handkerchiefs. However, the only handkerchiefs that could be found were the cotton classics with stripes or plaid, produced in faraway countries under dubious circumstances.


So the fivesome decided to attend fairs, textile printing and sewing workshops to create their own, contemporary hankies. After two years of research, they introduced their brand Huff & Puff together with a crowdfunding campaign. The amount of capital they hoped to collect was surpassed only two days later. 

The handkerchiefs don't just look the part, they're also eco-friendly and made from lyocell, a highly absorbent fiber originating from the eucalyptus tree.

Huff & Puff are one of many creative entrepreneurs from the Leuven region who will be exposing at the SPACE Showcase. The crowdfunding campaign, along with some noses, is still running. Those interested can offer their contribution here