New artwork unveiled to celebrate the Green Leaf Award


Leuven, joint European Green Leaf for 2018, unveiled its new artwork in honour of the European award.

Kunstwerk Leuven European Green Leaf 2018

As you know, the city of Leuven and the Swedish city of Växjö have won the 2018 Green Leaf Prize for focusing on climate change initiatives and improving the quality of their residents’ life.

The award, handed out by the European Commission, recognises cities that work with residents on issues of ecology, sustainability and quality of life. In honour of winning that award, the city unveiled its new artwork at the Sluispark. Mohamed Ridouani, vice mayor of the city of Leuven, called the artwork "something to be proud of". 

The Green Leaf jury praised Leuven for its focus on climate change, including its non-profit initiative Leuven 2030, which aims to make the city carbon-neutral by 2030. The city hopes to achieve this by working with more than 300 partners, including companies, individuals, the University of Leuven and the Flemish chamber of commerce Voka - all supported by Leuven MindGate.

Picture source: Leuven 2030