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MPG from Leuven invents a mobile device which can sterilize used face masks

27 March 2020

Molecular Plasma Group, a spin-off from VITO and LIST, has invented a mobile device that can be used to sterilize mouth masks on location. The device also ensures that mouth masks have a longer lifespan.

Molecur Plasma Group

In the current situation of the corona-virus pandemic, two major applications pertaining to respiratory safety call for urgent testing.

Sterilizing used face masks is needed to avoid shortages. The sterilization technique developed by MPG is versatile, easily transportable and usable on-site. It enables single step, fast processes for treatment and synthesis of sensitive materials, like paper, plastics and textiles.

It is also important to be able to use the mouth masks for as long as possible. The device can also be used for this purpose by adding antibacterial and/or antiviral additives that can be strongly bound to the material without degradation.

Another great 'Leuven way' to help fighting the corona-virus!

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