Leuven strengthens collaboration with Wuxi (China)


Earlier this week, a Chinese delegation from Wuxi - population 7 million, located near Shanghai - visited Leuven to strengthen the bond between the two ambitious cities. Newly elected mayor Huang Qin made his first trip to Leuven, showing that collaboration between Wuxi and Leuven is one of his top priorities. 

It was not the first time officials from both cities came together. Last year, Wuxi officials visited multiple companies in the Leuven area, including imec, Capricorn and KU Leuven. Earlier, an economic mission to Wuxi was set up by Leuven MindGate and the city of Leuven, in order to better get to know our Chinese partner. On both counts, all parties agreed to work closer together in the near future.

Those were not only empty words. Last Monday, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Wuxi Capital, Wuxi Xidong, FPIM, JIC and Capricorn at the Leuven city hall, in the presence of different Leuven officials including Mayor Louis Tobback. The ultimate goal is to set up a Chinese investment fund, enabling Chinese and Belgian companies to invest in the respective regions. This agreement will help the Leuven area based companies to set up or expand their activities in China.

This collaboration is in line with the internationalization ambitions of Leuven MindGate.