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Leuven ranks 2nd in Europe in terms of total amounts invested in ManuTech startups and scale-ups

11 February 2020

Leuven is in a strong position for ManuTech start-ups and scale-ups. A new study by Agoria and Sirris on the ManuTech start-up landscape in Belgium and Europe shows this.


ManuTech start-ups and scale-ups develop digital solutions to optimise production in manufacturing companies. Leuven,is in second place of the amounts raised, mainly thanks to a major capital increase raised by Materialise.

Other striking results for Belgium: only sixteen percent of ManuTech start-ups and scale-ups are university spin-offs, but forty-eight percent have followed an acceleration programme. Artificial intelligence and internet of things (IOT) are the leading technologies. Imec.iStart (Leuven) ranks ninth among the European accelerators in the ManuTech domain.

Bart Steukers is Director Context at Agoria, the organization that performed the study: "The European comparison shows that 29% of the ManuTech scale-ups are actually spinoffs from universities or knowledge institutes. In Belgium, the figure is 25%. Leuven has a historically built up reputation in ManuTech, especially thanks to a number of fine spinoffs from KU Leuven and imec that have already been taken over in the meantime. These include LayerWise, LMS International, ICOS Vision and Metris."

Source: Agoria & Sirris
Translated by Leuven MindGate

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