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Leuven MindGate creativity database gives local creative entrepreneurs a boost

16 February 2021

In recent months, the city of Leuven and the Leuven MindGate Creativity workgroup have been working hard to set up a creative database. In this database, creative entrepreneurs, companies and individuals can find the best Leuven-based match for their needs.


In addition, the city and Leuven MindGate also want to give the Leuven creative and cultural sector its own identity. At this time, 200 creative entrepreneurs are already registered in the database, and more are added every day.

Jo Steyaert, chairman of the Leuven MindGate Creativity workgroup: "With this database, we want to bring Leuven's (creative) entrepreneurs, companies and individuals closer together, strengthen the creative sector, promote ourselves and inspire each other and others. We heard through various channels that it was becoming increasingly difficult to find the right partners and to reach local customers. The Leuven creative sector is one of the largest in the country, yet local businesses do not know their Leuven creative colleagues enough. In parallel, through the Leuven MindGate network, we heard a similar comment from the other two sectors MindGate represents: where in Leuven do you find the creative professional to take your brand and your organization forward? That gave us the idea to map out all the creative players in the region. That's how the creative database was created, which you can find via https://creativity.leuvenmindg...."


Alderman for Culture Denise Vandevoort fully agrees with Steyaert's argumentation: "The cultural sector in Leuven has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, with lots of new talent and new players in theater, dance, visual arts, circus, music, etc. The boundaries between the arts and the creative economy often blur. Cultural organizations are professionalizing and many artists are also entrepreneurs. But finding the way to partners or employers is not always easy. Thanks to this database, cultural workers become more visible, which only increases their chances of collaboration. The creative sector in Leuven is known for working together, and that will only increase in the coming years, thanks in part to this database."

Thanks to funding from the city of Leuven, these plans could be realized. "Leuven is home to hundreds of creative entrepreneurs," says alderman of economy Lalynn Wadera. "The offer is very versatile. They have something to offer every Leuvener: from communication advice, over performing arts, photos, paintings, jewelry, videos and animations, architecture and interior design to gastronomy. And we are also proud that the specialized production houses in the world of fashion, media and technology work from Leuven. Thanks to this database, local creative talent is easy to find," concludes Wadera.

Creative entrepreneurs who want to be registered in the database can still register via the website https://creativity.leuvenmindg....

picture © ARTKOM

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