Leuven launches ThermoCard to help inhabitants measure energy loss


Leuven has the ambition of becoming a green and climate neutral city. The city collaborates intensively with inhabitants, organisations and companies. Successfully, since the city-wide emission is dropping.

Recently, the city of Leuven won the European Green Leaf award for its approach towards emissions. This approach includes multiple tools to motivate inhabitants. Last week one of these new tools was presented. The ThermoCard is a smart card and displays how much heat is lost through windows and outer walls and, by consequence, shows if additional insulation is required. Leuven is the first Flemish city that distributes ThermoCards among its inhabitants for free.

60% of emission comes from buildings

"We're getting things done in terms of energy saving in residential homes and, on the long term, aim to rely for the most part on renewable energy. After all, sixty percent of our emissions are caused by buildings", council member for enivornment Mohamed Ridouani mentions. "To reach that goal, the city already offers a multitude of tools and support for its inhabitants."

The ThermoCard is available for all inhabitants of Leuven for free. Pick one up at the Energy Coach (in Dutch).

Next to the ThermoCard, the city also offers a thermographic satellite image, showing which buildings require improved roof isolation.