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Leuven has been listed as one of the top destinations in Europe to study

23 May 2019

The travel blog Omio (formerly GoEurope) has listed Leuven in its top-5 of best European destinations to study abroad. Omio says: "It was a tough call deciding where to spend a semester abroad. Although our minds may wander to thought’s of spending a college term in romantic Europe, when it boils down to it, not every European city is best-suited to college students. Leuven is one of the European hot-spots to study!"


The travel blog calls Leuven a "small but true student city, with just under half its population comprising students! The university is dotted with parks, bars and cafes, leaving you with almost unlimited student hangout spots. And with each faculty boasting its own student-run “Fak Bar”, cheap beers and impromptu get-togethers are never far off".

There are also tips and tricks for expats and foreign students:

  • Universities: The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven is the oldest, largest and most prominent university in all of Belgium. Its campus fosters a great community, and there’s a large, integrated international student population.
  • Accommodation: Rent for your average student room will cost something like 250-350 Euro. It’s definitely worth finding a place in the main ring (Heverlee) if you can.
  • Cost of living: The K.U.Leuven estimates a budget of around 800 Euro.
  • Language: Belgians are pretty open to different languages (given Belgium has 3 official languages: Dutch, French and German) and their English is generally very good, particularly among students.
  • Travel: Leuven is more or less at the centre of the urban triangle that connects Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne, making for plenty of opportunities for weekend trips.
  • Head to: STUK for smooth jazz, experimental cinema at student rates.

Great to see that Leuven gets international recommendations, because after all... Leuven is a great place to live, work and study!

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