Leuven calls up on creative entrepreneurs and innovative dealers


The demand for affordable space is high when it comes to starting entrepreneurs. To meet this demand and tackle the rising number of vacancies in Leuven's shopping streets, the city rented two buildings in the Diestsestraat. These buildings will be rented out to two starters starting this holiday season, giving creative and innovative entrepreneurs the perfect chance to own their own pop-up store. 

The two buildings, numbers 206 and 208, are ready to use and will be sublet to innovative retail or creative concepts for a small price. In number 206, traders will have a chance to try out an innovative concept in retail. Number 208 will emphasize on creativity such as designing jewelry or interior design. "Creative starters need affordable space to do their business and increase their visibility in our city. With these two buildings, we want to meet that demand", Mohamed Ridouani, council member for economy, says. 

Candidates can send in their concepts (at least one A4) to economie@leuven.be. Those who want to apply for a spot during the holidays have time until 8 December to send in their concept.

An inspiring fulfilment, offer visibility and attractiveness to our creative sector while attracting customers and having a beautiful shop window, are some of the requirements for being granted in to one of the two buildings. The businesses' potential to grow into a permanent location elsewhere in the city's shopping district is a vital factor as well. An independent jury will take all these criteria in mind to allocate these buildings to interested entrepreneurs.