Leuven-based Studio Roma will restore prestigious cathedral in Mechelen


Studio Roma, together with a broad team of specialists, won the prestigious competition for the interior restoration of the St. Rombouts Cathedral in Mechelen.

The project includes the restoration and refurbishment of the cathedral. Based on the extensive preliminary examination of the finishing layers, a well-considered choice will be made for the restoration vision of the interior finishing. The high - and locally unique - quality of the historic interior paintings in combination with the intact preservation of the Gothic architectural form language offers the possibility of offering the users and visitors a palette of interior furnishings that forms one whole in image and meaning.

The ambulatory, together with the southern side buildings will be transformed into a museum experience trail with museum shop, whereby the valuable archiepiscopal sacristy will also be included in the public access. The sacristy will be moved to the northern side buildings, where a fully-fledged depot will also be set up. The tension between the valuable heritage, the partial repurposing for tourist access, the introduction of new circulations and the necessary technical facilities, are the great challenges of this part. The requirements of accessibility and fire safety come together here with the demand for quality facilities for the development of the experience trail with scenographic interventions, the appropriate lighting and the necessary comfort.