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Leuven-based miDiagnostics gets €14 million to commercialise remote clinical testing

26 March 2020

miDiagnostics, a Leuven-based health tech startup developing silicon chip technology for clinical tests, has raised €14 million from existing investors, plus Dr. Rudi Pauwels and Dr. Ir. Urbain Vandeurzen.


(Video shot at the Bio International Convention 2019, by Leuven MindGate)

MiDiagnostics aims to make “diagnostic information as readily accessible as digital information on a smartphone,” according to CEO Nicolas Vergauwe. Combining a nanofluidic processor on a chip and a compact reader, the startup claims it can measure virtually any biomarker from an easily acquired sample, such as drops of blood from a fingerprick.

The diagnostics platform has potential in specific healthcare scenarios, all of which made centrally relevant by the coronavirus outbreak: monitoring chronic patients at home; fast screening for physicians or remote health centers in developing countries; and widespread monitoring during pandemics.

The proprietary technology was invented by imec, an R&D and innovation hub in nanoelectronics in Belgium, and Johns Hopkins University, a leading US research and medical centre. Both organisations are investors in the Leuven-based startup, along with PMV, a Flemish investment fund, and other serial entrepreneurs.

The funding will speed up development of the nanofluidic processor on a chip and prepare it for “industrial-scale manufacturing”.

Source: Tech.eu

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