KU Leuven’s solar car cruises to victory in Chilean desert race


The solar energy car built by the team of KU Leuven University students, Punch Powertrain Solar Team, has won the Chilean solar car race Carrera Solar Atacama.

During this race between solar cars, considered as the most extreme of its kind, in terms of the race and weather conditions, 2,577 km were travelled from the capital Santiago to Arica, in the north of the country. The route took in everything from summits of 3,430 metres in altitude in the Andes, as well as passing through the Atacama Desert.

The team from Leuven travelled 2,577 km over the six days of the race in a total of 36 hours. The driver, Pieter Galle, stated, “During the race, the team pushed the solar car’s limits. Apart from some minor electronic problems, our race was impeccable.”

The Solar Car World Championship in Australia is the next challenge for the students from Leuven. Its departure is scheduled for October 13th, 2019.

Source: The Brussels Times

Picture: Punch Powertrain Solar Team