Join the corona taskforce to create a Health House storyline!


Health House, a world class experience center on the future of healthcare, is creating a post corona storyline with the most important learnings on a medical, scientifically, ethical, societal, psychological and political level.

The goal of this storyline is to give objective and scientifically validated information to a wide variety of audience (medical professionals, policy makers, students, general public, ...) about the impact of the virus and how we can manage similar situations even better in the future. We also want to give attention to the way in which the current outbreak can lead to new opportunities.

We are looking to create a Post Corona taskforce to help us shaping this storyline. We are welcoming inputs from:

  • Research institutions
  • Researchers
  • Universities
  • Care Homes
  • Hospitals
  • Medical professionals (doctors, nurses, surgeons,…)
  • (Health) Technology companies
  • Institutions in mental healthcare
  • Government
  • Corona patients

Do you want to participate in the taskforce and be part of a unique storyline and milestone in the history of medicine? Contact Health House before April 3rd 2020!