Investment in agricultural research benefits KU Leuven banana genepool


Over the next four years, ten million euro of funding will be made available by vice-prime minister and minister of Development aid Alexander De Croo for the benefit of innovative agricultural research. The funds will serve to further expand the KU Leuven banana gene pool, among others.

The Biodiversity ITC banana gene pool at KU Leuven's Laboratory of Tropical Crop Improvement conducts research on how banana plants can be made more resistant against climate change. The ultimate goal is to improve food security in developing nations, where bananas are a staple crop. This research will be financed by the means made available by minister De Croo. "Belgium is an absolute world leader in agricultural research", De Croo mentions. "Promoting this position means that we need to invest in high-return research. Every euro that is invested, yields 17 euro in return."