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Innovative platform lilo transforms the translation and localisation market

21 January 2020

Startup lilo launches the next generation translation platform to help companies go international. The platform offers customers full transparency, professional freelancers full autonomy and simplifies the process for all parties. With this platform, lilo wants to put an end to expensive translations and a painful translation process. The start-up is supported by Start it @ KBC, the largest startup accelerator and community in Belgium.


A unique concept

Translations are often considered too expensive for companies to outsource, but they are indispensable to sell their products across language borders. Professional translators, on the other side, struggle to get a fair payment for their work. Start-up lilo found a solution for both issues.

The lilo team has developed an innovative platform enabling a transparent workflow by putting the customer and professional translator in direct contact with each other. This unique transparency transforms the translation market, good for a market value of 49,6 USD (Statista). Jurgen Goens, founder and CEO of lilo explains: “With lilo, communication is direct and immediate, streamlining questions and clarification on projects which shortens the turnaround time and improves quality”. The high level of process automation allows customers to simply upload the documents and download the translated versions as soon as they are ready.

Smart matching

Uploaded documents are automatically “smart” matched with the right professional translators for the subject matter and pricing offers are instantly presented to the customer. Customers choose their professional translators based on ratings, qualifications, subject matter expertise, and price. That way, customers know who translates their projects and can continue to choose their preferred translators based on past performance. In addition, the lilo platform offers centralized GDPR-compliant file storage, automated invoicing, translation memory storage, state-of-the-art MT technology and a highly competitive pricing.

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Fair way of working

With their state-of-the art platform, lilo gives professional freelance translators access to the automated translation and administrative tools previously available only to the big LSPs (Language Service Providers). The tools of the lilo platform give professional translators the autonomy they deserve, the efficiency to produce high-quality translations quickly, and the freedom to run their own business on their terms. The translators no longer have to worry about manually creating invoices and payment delays. They set their own prices, choose the translation projects they want to work on and which translation tools they use.

Jurgen Goens says: “lilo empowers both professional translators and customers by giving them open communication and the ability to make important choices for each project. LiLo’s commitment to stay on the cutting edge of AI advancements removes the cost-prohibitive technology burden from both customers and professional translators. It’s a win-win.”

Lilo expands

Lilo consists of a team of ‘industry veterans’ that can boast over 50 years of experience in the sector of translation automation. After constructive feedback from the first customers, lilo will focus heavily on marketing and sales in the coming months. With a brand new sales & marketing manager on board, lilo is ready to claim its share of the translation market.

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